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Nethron’s 2018 Recruitment Challenge

POSTED BY Nethron Esports 30 September, 2018






Today is a big day, today is when Nethron’s first day of the #NethronRC begins!

We wanted to give the supporters and the community a chance to join our team with a Recruitment Challenge. We are always going to  be on the look out but this gives it a boost!

This is the first time we are doing this, and we will do this every half year! Good luck to everyone involed!

Information and requriements:

  • Streamers/content creator:  Stream with the hashtag “#NethronRC”,  try to stream daily  and as for as for content creators, try to upload as many videos you can using our Recruitment Challenge hashtag and we will hit up those we think fit in!
  • Players (in any games): Try to have some clips of you playing, send them in to our recruitment challenge email and we will be looking into it, try to send in as many as you can!
  • Designers: You can design what ever you want, but it should be related to esport in some way, when you are publishing your design, use our  Recruitment Challenge hashtag!
  • Editors: Send in all of your work that you are the most proudest of! When publishing use our Recruitment Challenge hashtag!

Do whatever you want! We are looking for some people that have talent and have the dedication to lay down coutless hours into what you want to do, we are looking to expand our organization so we we will be considering every application we receive!


Email you should send in your application : “”

#NethronRC #WeAreNethron



  • How Long does this last? I have purchased a new GPU so hope to be streaming by Wednesday, Will this give me enough time to still participate in the RC?

  • Hey there Joseph, i am Curse, on the the owners of Nethron.
    our RC will be going on for 7 days,so yes you will!

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