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CS:GO Academy Roster

POSTED BY admin 20 January, 2018

As we decided to disband our former CS:GO Acadmy Roster, we were looking for a new roster that we in Nethron think fit in. And now, we have found them!

Today we can finnaly annouce our new CS:GO academy roster! We have been searching a lot and have finnaly found the perfect team to fit in the gap. We will be putting more effort on this team as we have been wanted to change quite a bit actually. And now we finnaly can. We think that this is a big step and we think that we finnaly have everything done with CS:GO rosters changes. Now we can look forward to search for rosters in diffrent games like we have been talking about, such as PUBG, Rocket League etc. This is our future!



Jonas “Mixox” Saddique

Harley “AdvokateN” Johnsson

Arshia “Proxxy” Momeni

Alexander “AlexLinHo”  Varg

Elliot “Stelliot” Tegner




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