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Our Story

Nethron Esports is an expanding esports organization, with the purpose of developing successful teams, building a professional environment for the players and creating a thriving ecosystem.

Nethron Esports is a professional International esports organization focused on the broad aspect of the esports and gaming industry, with international teams and players. The organization is run with a great and experienced management, and we are confident Nethron Esports has a bright future in sight, international.

We are currently active in the following games: CS:GO,RainBow Six, Call of Duty and Gears Of War

When we try our best and push our limits, we often surprise ourselves with what we are actually capable of doing. Sometimes it’s an outlet of frustration, a peak performance, a long grind, or an instant motivation. However one thing is consistent - it’s never something that you do on your own.

That’s the contradiction of Nethron - despite the meaning of the word, you’re never alone as a part of Nethron . We build a family, an army that always seek to assist you being the best you can be.

The people behind Nethron have all been a part of the esport scene from it’s early ages. We've witnessed how individualism killed teams/organizations and how proper teamwork can do the dream work. While everyone learns, and the learning within esports is merely just begun, we know that we need each other. We know that we need to share our knowledge, to connect the dots and help people and players find what makes them tick, learn and improve.

  • David Holmén Chief Executive Officer David Holmén